A home is like a second skin. It protects us from the harshness of life and gives us shelter, both physical and psychological. It is one of the few things in life we can completely control as we have the ability to make it conform to our needs, likes and dislikes.

My goal is to transform and re-purpose living space-breather new life into it based on the needs, and expectations of the client. Often, architecture of the interior is taken for granted, or entirely overlooked. To correct such discrepancies, the space needs to be, "recycled" or re-configured altogether. I believe that spaces must co-exist with both a physical and visual link between them and the outside world.

The spirit of my style can be summed up as elegant, comfortable and calming, yet visually stimulating. By combining global influences with contemporary and traditional elements, I seek to create a unique and timeless environment. This is achieved by weaving together several factors:

1. The integration of art into the space
2. A mix of materials which is both edited and unified
3. The implementation of sophisticated color
4. The presence of strong silhouettes
5. Finally an element of surprise with a sense of humor, which adds to the final touches.

Unlike other design firms where junior staff members are delegated the day-to-day dealings, it is a priority for me to always be accessible to my clients. I seek to create a personalized client relationship, which is in the true spirit of collaboration. Creating a beautiful interior is a long process requiring trust and patience. My goal is to enable the client to discover and articulate his own inner vision.